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The Quarterback House Top 40 Camp Series


The Quarterback House Top 40 camp series will give our high profile evaluators a look at the Nation’s top Quarterbacks in depth to have a chance to join our Top 40 Quarterback retreat this Summer. We will evaluate each Quarterback in the classroom on coverage awareness and adjustments, they will then go through an interview process by former College/NFL Coaches who have 50 years of experience put together. 



40 yard Dash 


Torso Ball Toss



Each Quarterback will throw different routes 3 times which will be graded on a point scale system by Wilson Football and our Quarterback evaluators on Ball Velocity, Spin Rate, Power and Accuracy. 


The Quarterback House Top 40 College Bus Tour Retreat 

We will take 40 of the nation’s best Quarterbacks to some of the top Camps in the country to showcase their abilities. During that time they will be filmed, critiqued and will have film sessions and meetings every night so that they are better at each camp and fully prepared.  



Each of our Quarterbacks evaluated thoroughly in the classroom and on the field. 2 of the top performing Quarterbacks will have a chance to be invited on our Top 40 Retreat College Bus tour this summer with all expenses paid. 


Our Quarterbacks mean business when they step off of our bus 

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